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Rocky Coast Santa Maria di Leuca Puglia.
Santa Maria di Leuca holds the title of the most southern point of Italy. A famous tourist resort area, it is positioned right at the tip of the heel. Located in the province of Lecce in southern Salento, it only has 1200 inhabitants. Santa Maria di Leuca is the area directly above the promontory. It […]
Sunset Matera Puglia
A visit to Matera in neighboring Basilicata is a moving experience. The town’s historic neighborhood’s and magnificent trails give an insight into how the ancient villagers lived in their caved homes and age-old ‘piazze’ (squares). As one of the oldest cities in the world, its fascinating history is made more spectacular by breath-taking views. Take […]
Aerial view of Trani , Puglia
Trani is an Italian town of about 55,000 inhabitants. Together with Barletta and Andria, it is the capital of the Barletta-Andria-Trani province, overlooking on the Adriatic Sea. During the Middle Ages, it was an important urban center and commercial port on the Adriatic. In the past, Trani was for more than two centuries the seat […]
Santa Maria di Leuca city Salento Puglia.
Salento,  the southernmost province of Italy’s heel, starts (roughly; there are differences of opinion!) where the hills of the Valle d’Itria finish. From there, the land expands into a long, flat tongue that laps both the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Some of Italy’s most charming towns and cities can be found in Salento: the […]
Puglia, Wine
The cultivation of vines in Puglia dates to the Phoenician era. Although it was the Romans who were the first to appreciate Apulian wines. So much so that the Poet Orazio compared them to Falerno, then considered the best among the wines in circulation. In the following centuries other testimonies mark the historical evolution of […]
Cave Salento Puglia
Torre San Giovanni is a Salento seaside resort located on the Ionian Sea in the province of Lecce. It has only 430 inhabitants throughout the year and over 50,000 residents during the summer. It is a place in constant evolution, since every year it expands more and more – a destination suitable for everyone. This […]
Beach baia Taranto Puglia.
Amazing sea, imposing mountains, relaxing countryside, incredible artistic beauties and excellent food. All this is Italy. From the Alps and the Dolomites in northern Italy, to the beautiful hills of Tuscany, passing through the famous cities of art, up to the incredible beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water. Puglia boasts some of the most […]
Panoramic view Ostuni Puglia
Puglia is a pearl among the regions of Southern Italy, located in the south-east of the peninsula, facing the Balkans. Its unmistakable long and narrow peninsula shape has given it the nickname “boot heel”. It was once a starting point or landing place for pilgrimages to the East, with the Appian and Appian-Trajan routes. After […]