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Must-See Destinations in Puglia
Vieste is the protruding piece of coastline in the Northern Puglia province of Foggia. Backing on to the Gargano Promontory, it is known as the Pearl of Gargano which offers both impressive nature and historical monuments.
Aragonese castle Tranto Puglia.
Taranto has a long and fascinating history thanks to its strategic Mediterranean position. Home to both a naval and a fishing port, the city boasts two bays which give it its colloquial name “city of two seas.”
Santa Maria di Leuca city Salento Puglia.
Santa Maria de Leuca is southern most point of Italy where the Adriatic and Ionian seas collide. It remains the starting point for cruises to discover Salento’s famous sea caves and secret beaches.
Church Gallipoli Puglia
Gallipoli is one of Southern Italy’s most popular cities with bridges to connect the suburbs to its old town. Today it’s a thriving tourist hub with beach parties in summer and plenty to do and see.
Polignano al Mare Bari Puglia.
Bari is the vibrant capital of Puglia. History enthusiasts will also get a buzz out of the town, as under the Roman Empire, it rose to one of the most important hubs on the Adriatic. Book your private tour of Bari today and see the beauty of this place!!
Town View Otranto Puglia.
Otranto is right down near the heel boot of Italy, the town boasts amazing views of Albania and across the Strait of Otranto, and, in fact,  this strategic location that led to its mixed past as both a Roman and Greek port.
Panoramic view Ostuni Puglia
Ostuni is characterized by white-washed homes winding around the hill and its impressive Gothic cathedral at the top. The most famous town is Alberobello, the home of the 'Trulli' conical roofed buildings.
Sunset Matera Puglia
Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world containing evidence of human settlements starting from the Paleolithic era which remain in tact to this day.
Duomo Lecce Puglia
Lecce is a baroque town in Salento known as the 'Florence of the South'. Home to restaurants and boutiques, it’s within easy reach of both the Ionian and Adriatic seas with a rich history and culture.
Scenic sight Brindisi Puglia.
Brindisi is a port town with a beautiful promenade along its seafront and palm-lined streets. Vacationers come to enjoy the relaxed beach vibe or the historic and archeological monuments.
Waterfront Cathedral Baletta Puglia.
Barletta is a northern province below Foggia on the map. Its historical center on the coast is surrounded by white sandy beaches and is easily reached by train or boat.
Duomo Altamura Puglia.
Altamura is part of Puglia's agricultural centre between the Basilicata and Upper Murgia regions. It boasts megalithic wall structures from the 3rd and 5th centuries which remain to this day.
Trulli Alberobello Puglia.
Famous for its characteristic houses called "Tuguri" or Casedde ", Italianized with trulli, Alberobello is part of the Itria Valley and the Murgia dei Trulli.