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Vieste Tour

The North East of Puglia (Vieste Tour)

Vieste is the protruding piece of coastline in the Northern Puglia province of Foggia. Backing on to the Gargano Promontory, it is known as the Pearl of Gargano. And being a natural wonder rich in history, Vieste is undoubtedly the best place to visit in the top part of Puglia.

This gem of Foggia is a popular holiday destination for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, its medieval historical center captivates the eye with small white houses, narrow streets and squares which open out to the sea. Looking on to the coastal town from the sea offers a particularly dramatic visual. White rustic buildings line the high white cliffs which tower long stretches of golden beaches.

Dominating this picturesque seaside village is the Frederick Castle and Cathedral in Apulian Romanesque style, which is among the oldest in Puglia.

Further inland lies various expansive and dense nature reserves waiting to be explored. Trekkers can take refuge in the many shelters along the way or go off the beaten track to visit an agritourism for a truly local ‘campagna’ experience.

Attractions For Vieste Tour

Cathedral Basilica

An 11th century church dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption with a baroque bell tower. Perfect for art enthusiasts, it is set in a maze of narrow streets and alleys and houses several works of arts within.

Frederick Castle of Vieste

The imposing twelfth century Normal-Swabian Castle of Vieste is a military construction from Imperial Puglia. The spearhead basins were added later by the Spanish and is an example of the various occupations throughout history.

The Necropolis ‘Salatella’

A series of seventh and eighth century WWF protected Roman catacombs carved into caves. They represent an important part of the landscape and ancient history.

Greg Park

Hikes are customizable but generally span approximately 4.3 miles (7 km) along country lanes. The variety of landscapes and ecosystems in the park creates a large diversity of plant and animal species which are rarely found elsewhere. From coastal pine forests and yew and beech stands on the plateaus, to the low and sandy beaches which rise into steep limestone cliffs in the north part of the park, the stunning landscapes are as unique as they are beautiful.


The park also includes a variety of historical sites, from ancient paleontological findings to more recent villas and Renaissance architecture.


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