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Santa Maria Di Leuca Boat Tour

Santa Maria de Leuca

Located at Italy’s southernmost point where the Ionian and Adriatic seas meet, Santa Maria de Leuca takes its name from the Greek word “Leukos” meaning “sunlight”. It’s easy to see why when you see how the sun is reflected from the beautiful white-washed buildings and the sapphire-blue sea. With Santa Maria Di Leuca boat tour you will not miss any beauty of this place Although this area has long been popular with Italian visitors, it’s only recently that international visitors have discovered its charms.

Attractions in Santa Maria de Leuca

Sunset From Italy’s Most Southerly Point

One of the most amazing sights to discover in Santa Maria de Leuca has to be the spectacle of the sunset from Italy’s southernmost point. Thanks to the town’s location between the two seas, it offers visitors the opportunity to admire the glorious setting sun from the beautiful beaches. Sitting on the sand and taking in the spectacular panorama is an experience that is hard to beat, especially if you’re enjoying it with a cocktail in your hand!

A Sea Cave Cruise

Santa Maria de Leuca is the starting point for cruises to discover Salento’s famous sea caves. Head out by Santa Maria Di Leuca boat tour and see the the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas to explore Lovers Grotto and Devil’s Grotto and find secret beaches.

Cascata Monumentale di Leuca

One of the town’s best attractions is the Cascata Monumentale di Leuca. Constructed by Mussolini, this man-made monumental waterfall commemorates the completion of Europe’s longest aqueduct and today, it’s open for viewing every day. Stairs flank the waterfall on both sides from the seaport to the Basilica and lighthouse, and not only is the waterfall an amazing engineering feat by day thanks to its stunning views over the port, but it’s a spectacle at night due to its illuminations. At sunset every Friday, there is an hour-long display with colorful lights and frequent dramatic music.

Santa Maria di Leuca is full of mesmerizing history, gorgeous sandy beaches, and dramatic coastlines. Plan your trip to Santa Maria di Leuca. Choose from the best hotels, enjoy the Santa Maria di Leuca boat  tour also you can customise your trip according to your needs. There are lots of the outdoor activities in the Santa Maria di Leuca.

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