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Barletta Tour

The central east coast of Puglia

Barletta is a northern province that sits below Foggia on the map. Its main city, Baretta, sits on the coast and is easily reached by train or boat. While it might not be the most touristic city of Puglia, it is a pleasant place to visit and enjoy a nice lunch and some sightseeing. The historic town is easy on the eye and surrounded by white sandy beaches on either side.

Its convenient location makes Barletta worth a visit where you can catch a glimpse of the ancient bronze ‘Colossus’, St Mary’s Cathedral, the Svevo Castle among other important monuments.

It is also easy to reach neighboring Trani, a quaint and popular seaside town as well as Castel del Monte, famous for its thirteenth century UNESCO castles by Frederick II.

Attractions in Barletta

Svelvo Castle

An eleventh century Norman castle in the heart of Barletta characterised by four diamond shaped towers with views of the sea. It is accessible only by footbridge and you can walk the battlements and take guided tours of interior and underground passages.

Saint Sepolcro Basilica

The main religious structure of Barletta, you can’t miss this magnificent gothic church and whitewashed bell tower. The much to explore on the interior, which is understated, tasteful and welcoming.

Colossus of Barletta

An immense bronze structure which stands at over 5 meters tall and depicts an unknown Roman emperor. It has an interesting backstory whereby the statue washed up on the shores of Barletta in the thirteenth century coming from a Venetian ship during the fourth crusade.

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